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Forever Lies

Forever Lies FOR WEB

Title: Forever Lies

Series: The Five Families, Book 1

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“By far my favorite mafia series!” –USA Today bestselling author SE Rose 

Stuck in an elevator with the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen— 

Who thought that kind of thing actually happened? 


This man wasn’t just attractive; he was animal magnetism personified.  

He was every crush and cravingeach desire and fantasyall rolled into one.  


The problem?  

There was something sinister lurking beneath that tempting façade. 

Something dark and ruthless. 


Luca Romano locked his sights on me the moment those elevator doors closed. 

I couldn’t escape him, no matter how hard I tried. 


There was a mutinous side of me that didn’t want to run.  


As if I ever had a choice… 


“WOW! Just WOW…From beginning to end I was hooked on this unique spin on Mafia Romance. HOLY PLOT TWIST! Did not see that coming…SOGOOD!” - Megan, Megan’s Scandalous Book Blog 


FOREVER LIES is a full-length mafia romance complete with HEA. The book is a dark romance that contains adult themes and content that may not be suitable for sensitive audiences.

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