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Savage Pride

Savage Pride

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Title: Savage Pride

Series: The Savage Pride Duet, Book 1

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Zeno De Rossi is arrogant and callous. Nothing like the boy I grew up with. 


He’s poised to take over the most powerful mafia family in New York. 

To him, I’m nothing but the daughter of a soldier—a member of the staff at his grand estate…  

Until his estranged brother comes home and shows an interest in me.  


Now, I’m trapped in a dangerous dance between two men who hate one another. 


Both have secrets.  

Neither is safe. 


They won’t quit until they destroy one another, and I have become their weapon of choice. 



This is the familiar story of a second daughter, her struggling family, and the wealthy men who can change their fortunes forever; however, you will find no gentlemen on these pages, nor tittering debutants. In this dark retelling of a Jane Austen classic, our elusive hero is a mafia king, ruthless and calculating; and our heroine is a headstrong modern woman born and raised in the servant’s quarters of his estate. Complete with romance, heartbreak, violence, manipulation, and mind-blowing twists, this edgy retelling is perfect for Austen fans who like the darker side of Darcy. 

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