Shades of Betrayal

Shades of Betrayal

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Title: Shades of Betrayal

Series: The Fae Games

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All my childhood fantasies have come true, but reality is never as simple as we would like. I dreamed of living in a wondrous world of the supernatural and having magical powers of my own. Now, I have all of that, but it comes with a caveat—a six-foot brute who is supposed to train me on all things Fae.  

He is a dauntless warrior of the Wild Hunt.  

A beautiful bastard.  

He is my lover and my burden, my savior and my curse.  

The one thing he isn’t, is mine.


There’s a monster loose in the city, leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Ashley thinks she’s going to help us find the killer, but there’s no way I’m letting that happen. Not long ago, I carried her lifeless body out of a dirty alley. Ever since, my carefully constructed world has been leveled, despite my endless efforts at damage control. Ashley Moore is a force of nature—courageous and brash like the heroes she reads about. She has no business being involved with the Hunt, and I’m not about to let her sultry lips and perfect curves change my opinion. 

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