Where Loyalties Lie

Where Loyalties Lie

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Title: Where Loyalties Lie

Series: Standalone

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My neighbors and students know me as a self-defense instructor.
Israeli expatriate. Former special forces. Retired soldier.
They see what I allow them to see. 

Reality is far less attractive. 

I still do the job that I love.
Something much uglier than teaching Krav Maga.
Only now, I work for myself instead of the government.
An independent contractor, if you will. 

For those wealthy enough to hire me, my resume reads: 
Israeli expatriate. Former special forces. Professional assassin. 

There is absolutely nothing remarkable about me.
At least, that’s what my friends would say. 

 Waitress. Loner. Tequila connoisseur. Krav Maga student. 

What they don’t know is an ugly secret forced me to abandon my past. 
I left my family and everything I knew.
Hid myself away where no one would find me.
I thought I was safe. Untraceable. 

 I was wrong. 

 Now, there’s only one thing I can do if I want to stay alive.