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Mafia Romance: 


The Five Families  

  • First Confession  
  • Forever Lies – Attempted S/A (not between MCs), kidnapping, violence 
  • Never Truth – Kidnapping, explainable past cheating for those extra sensitive to cheating 
  • Guilty Stars – Verbally abusive parent  
  • Blood Always – Unplanned pregnancy & talk of abortion, past S/A mentioned, violence 
  • Where Loyalties Lie – Mention of drug use, violence 
  • Impossible Odds – Kidnapping, violence, mention of domestic abuse 
  • Absolute Silence – Past grooming, emotional abuse mentioned, bdsm, murder 
  • Perfect Enemies –  


The Savage Pride Duet 

  • Savage Pride – Gambling addiction mentioned 
  • Silent Prejudice – Attempted S/A (not between MCs), violence, murder 


The Byrne Brothers 

  • Silent Vows – Selective mutism due to trauma, violence 
  • Secret Sin – Keeping virginity a secret 
  • Corrupted Union – Drugging, human trafficking (not MC), past loss of loved one, violence 
  • Ruthless Salvation: stalking, domestic violence (not between MCs), unexpected pregnancy, pregnancy loss (past experience)



Urban Fantasy Romance: 


Of Myth & Man 

  • Curse & Craving – Dub-con (not between MCs), violence 
  • Venom & Vice – Past loss of loved one, mystery/thriller 
  • Blood & Breath – Kidnapping, abuse & brainwashing (not between MCs), cults 
  • Siege & Seduction – Past loss of a child