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Books included in the series: Shadow Play, Twilight Siege, Shades of Betrayal, Born of Nothing, and Midnight’s End

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Now in a convenient collection, here are the five novels in Jill Ramsower’s captivating Fae Games series, featuring deliciously steamy love stories with magical intrigue that only the Fae can provide: Shadow PlayTwilight SiegeShades of BetrayalBorn of Nothing, and Midnight’s End 


“A riveting urban fantasy with strong suspense; fast-paced, and featuring well-imagined and skillfully developed characters … dark, somewhat disturbing, but utterly enjoyable. –Reader’s Favorite  


Shadow Play 


Alluring strangers and deadly secrets make the streets of Belfast a living nightmare. Newly arrived from America, Rebecca Peterson must stay alive long enough to learn about this deadly Fae world and discover why she’s been drawn into its clutches. **2019 Reader’s Favorite Award for Honorable Mention in Urban Fantasy** 


Twilight Siege 


After her carefree world is ripped apart, Rebecca must accept her new life and the dark powers that come with it. She looks to Lochlan for help, but the sweltering tension between them is a dangerous distraction. Deep into the treacherous Shadow Lands, both her knowledge and courage will be tested. To keep those she loves safe, Becca is willing to risk it all. 


Shades of Betrayal 


Ashley’s out to stop a monster from killing young women in the heart of Belfast. Michael will do anything it takes to stop her from getting the answers she seeks. Together, their explosive chemistry laced with deadly Fae secrets may be a recipe for disaster. Can they unite to find a killer, or will their fiery passion blaze out of control? 


Born of Nothing 


A druid woman and a Fae man—Cat and Fenodree are two people from different worlds—only by chance do their paths happen to cross. What develops between them is tender and intimate … and totally forbidden. Cat’s Druid family fear and hate the Fae. Running becomes her only choice, but what will happen if she doesn’t make it out in time?


Midnight’s End


Villainess, Morgan Le Fay, teams up with a sworn enemy to help her acquire the illusive Cauldron of Dagda. In this thrilling finale to The Fae Games Series, Jill Ramsower ties together the four previous books in a romantic adventure full of jaw-dropping twists and heart-stopping heroics you won’t want to miss!