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Impossible Odds

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He was a vision of power and privilege. 

Ruthless arrogance personified. 

A total stranger and an irresistible challenge. 


I approached him in a busy casino and felt the sting of his brutal rejection.  

Then I did something incredibly brazen. Impulsive. Reckless. 


I stole from him. 


The object was inconsequential, only worth a handful of dollars. 

I didn’t do it for the money; it was about making a statement. 


I went back home thousands of miles away without giving him a second thought until I spotted those quicksilver eyes glaring at me across a busy nightclub. 


It was too impossible to be a coincidence. 

Yet, there he was, seething with a violent promise of retribution. 


He thought he’d intimidate me. 

Hunt me down and make me pay. 

What he didn’t realize was I don’t scare easily. 


My name is Giada Genovese, and I’m a goddamn mafia princess.