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Silent Vows - Paperback (Man Cover)

Silent Vows - Paperback (Man Cover)

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  • Signed by Jill Ramsower
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They thought she was unsuitable as a bride because she was mute. 

I thought that made her perfect. 

Silent. Invisible. 


I could pretend she didn’t even exist. 



I’ve been promised to the Irish. 

My father will kill me if I refuse, just like he killed my mother six months ago. 


His merciless ambitions stole the light from her eyes and silenced me in the process. 

I haven’t spoken a word since her death. 


That didn’t stop Conner Reid from choosing me to be his bride. 

He threatens my composure and intoxicates my senses. 

He represents everything I hate in this world yet summons my darkest cravings. 


I can’t escape him. 


The worst part is, I’m not sure I want to. 

Because my life is in danger, and Conner may be the only man who can save me. 


*Silent Vows is the breathtaking first installment in The Byrne Brothers series. It’s a stand-alone mafia arranged marriage romance, complete with a happily ever after and no cliffhangers. A dark romance with adult themes, Silent Vows may not be suitable for sensitive audiences.  


A Note from the Author: While Noemi may be a silent virgin bride, don't expect her to be demure or meek. She is bold, fiercely loyal, and one of the few people unafraid of Conner Byrne. These two are electric, and I ADORE them! For those of you who are new to me, I write what I'd call "mafia lite." My heroes are hardened criminals with soft spots for their heroines. There may be violence and cruelty in my books, but never between the main characters. Enjoy! 

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